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  1. Please Help, computer issues

    Inactive Malware Help Topics
    My computer was suddenly become very slow and up to 60% of the CPU is being used up even when I'm not running intensive programs, is there any way to resolve this? Backstory: At points over 20% of the CPU was being used by google chrome alone!! It all began when I was browsing the internet and...
  2. No reason to be slow- all programs shown clean

    Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help
    Hi all, My laptop is a couple of years old but hardly has any use. I basically transferred my files across from my old laptop (which was clean and quick) onto this one. Barring occasional web use it isnt often used. But something has happened. It can take 20 mins for a window to open (be it...
  3. Firefox slow to open

    Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help
    To Whom It May Concern: I had an issue with my desktop for the last month. My Firefox and Chrome have been slow to start: takes about 15 seconds for them to start and then they cycle when I try to browse. The browsing has been noticeably slow. I defragmented my computer, I cleaned the...
  4. Is Your PC Running Slow...?

    Computer Security News
    Version control – v2.0 – dated November 2010 Version control - v2.1 - dated April 2012 - updated SysInternals link Version control – v2.2 – dated March 2014 - general updates, links and additions for Windows 8 Introduction This article is intended to provide you with some hints and tips when...