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  1. RAM and Power Supply Support
    Hi all, I had to force shutdown my laptop recently due to a no boot device screen, and started my computer up a little bit too fast. I know I likely had an HDD issue during this time, but somewhere near logging into windows my HDD makes a single distinct mechanical noise and it worries me. So...
  2. Laptop Support
    Hi there. Bought a laptop for christmas a couple weeks ago and have been saving it for today. So far in the last 3 hours it has crashed 3 times. Heres the rundown, specs at bottom. First time booted it up downloaded mozilla. Then downloaded steam, then epic. After logging in to steam the whole...
  3. Computer Security News
    Today marks the day that the infamous DNSChanger virus is finally shut down by the FBI in the USA. This could cause anyone that was still infected to lose their internet connection. DNSChanger came about in early 2007. It was a simple piece of malware that changes your computer's DNS settings...
1-4 of 4 Results