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  1. [SOLVED] Questions about LAMP

    Linux Support
    I'm taking an online crash course in SQL and PHP. As it is a crash course and I'm not experienced in these subjects, the instructor didn't seem clear about what is the relation between the need of creating a database and doing this right on a server. (why we can't make a database and put that on...
  2. Unable to install Server 2012 R2

    Windows Servers
    I'm hitting a brick wall with installing Server 2012 R2 on a ThinkServer TS140. It gets as far as detecting the drives and fails. I have a USB drive with the drivers and it comes back saying no new devices were detected after I select the proper driver. This server was previously running 2012 R2...
  3. Manually set-up email on Blackberry Mail

    Smart Devices | General Topics
    Setting up an email address for web based email services such as Gmail or Hotmail on a Blackberry is pretty simple, as most of the information for your outgoing and incoming mail server is already predefined for you. However, what if you have a business or personal email address that is served...
  4. SBS 2011 Migration – Use the Migration Tool or Start from Scratch?

    Networking Support
    Scenario: Your Local Area Network (LAN) has 25 users and has been using Small Business Server (SBS 2003) for a while, you're considering to upgrade to SBS 2011. Questions that you might ask: Is it feasible and worth it to use the migration tool or start from scratch or new builds? How many...