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  1. Modems/Cable/DSL/Satellite
    Hello I currently have my main router set up and working perfectly, and from it I have a router extending the WIFI range which also works great. Now, the problem is this, i need a third router set-up in my room to extend my wifi range since my wifi extender is about to die ( drops connection and...
  2. Articles, Tutorials & Reviews
    Computer networking is one of the more challenging aspects of the informational technology world. Switches and routers, packets and frames, there is a lot of terms to understand and they need to be applied exactly to work. Although, when they do work people can be very appreciative. Most...
  3. Hard Drive Support
    General Router Reset for Linksys, Netgear, D-Link and Belkin Routers: There are a variety of reasons why a Router needs to be reset to the factory default setting. Forgotten or lost router password. Complicated Issues with wireless/wired network. Often, these issues can be resolved by a router...
1-3 of 3 Results