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  1. Getting started with Raspberry Pi?

    Linux Support
    I’m a tech geek and would like to get familiar with what a Raspberry Pi can do but where to start? Looks like that Magpie mag subscription is only available in the UK? (I’m US). I know Windows well but can hardly spell Linux but willing to learn. Is there a good step by step on how to set one up...
  2. How can I take periodic pictures in a Jevois Camera?

    Photographer's Corner
    Is there a way that I can program a Jevois Camera to take pictures at an interval of time? Maybe Arduino or Raspberry Pi but I've searched and nothing...
  3. Getting Raspberry Pi 2 Starter kit

    Linux Support
    Greetings all, I will have acquired a Raspberry Pi 2 "starter kit" by later today. With very little experience programming or running LINUX other than booting up various utility CD's, I would like some basic guidance as to how to set it up optimally. I want to try to use it to watch videos...
  4. Raspberry Pie increases production

    Hard Drive Support
    The Raspberry Pi foundation announced this Sunday that it’s lifting its purchase restrictions on the budget Linux computer. Previously, due to demand, purchases were limited to one per customer; however, the foundation has been working with its manufacturing partners to increase capacity. The...