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  1. BSOD, App Crashes And Hangs
    I have a problem with my pc, it restarts randomly, the temperature is ok, cleaned of dust, drivers - windows upToDate I have not downloaded third party driver software through Windows everything updated, viruses - malware, etc. no, I reinstalled the pc, tested ram with memtest86, each one placed...
  2. Motherboards, Bios|UEFI & CPU
    So in my hast to connect a new psu, I inadvertently connected a 6 pin pci power line to the mother board cpu power, also 6 pin. obviously the board doesn't boot or post. any ideas on what I took out? cpu? motherboard? both?
  3. Other Hardware Support
    So, I was just rearranging some stuff in my room, including my computer. Once I was done, I plugged the power cord for my PC back into my power board. There was some static noises while I was trying to plug it in, and I kinda felt the static throughout my body, but I managed to plug it in. I...
  4. Other Hardware Support
    Hi, I have a bit of a vintage PC (built in 2012 for ca $1200) but am still trying to push its limits in more recent but not excessively demanding games. A month ago I did a fresh install of Win10, but lately I've been having issues with system crashing when running some more GPU intensive games...
  5. Building
    Hello im new to this forum and i need urgent help. I have the following setup: Ryzen 5 3400g 16GB RAM (3000mhz) 128GB SSD (Gigabye) RX580 4gb Nitro+ OC can my Njoy Titan 500W PSU handle this? Or does it go boom boom? PSU LINK: If not what should i upgrade it...
  6. RAM and Power Supply Support
    Recently i got a new 400watt Everese psu for my low end office pc after my old 230 watt psu suddenly died,it was an old psu so i had it coming. After i got the new one,i plugged it to my mobo and cpu (my gpu draws power from mobo itself so i did not plugged it) my mobos led lighte up,but when...
  7. Diagnostics, Utilities and Other Software
    My PC turned on about 2 hours ago after swapping the hard drive, I tried to reboot it by pressing the power button but that didnt work so I unplugged it. Now it wont turn on. Please help
  8. RAM and Power Supply Support
    Will this PSU work with this Spike Guard Extension? I didn't need this extension - I only bought because the PSU's power cable is UK type and is not compatible in my country. This extension has two universal sockets. I also have a generic PSU power cable which is compatible but I'm not sure I...
  9. Motherboards, Bios|UEFI & CPU
    Hi all...not sure if this is the correct/best place in the forum for this...mods please move if necessary My son's gaming rig has been suffering intermittent performance, boot & freeze issues for the last 18 months or so and we aren't sure which element is responsible. Rig specs are as...
1-9 of 9 Results