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  1. My PC wont turn on +no power to usb

    Diagnostics, Utilities and Other Software
    My PC turned on about 2 hours ago after swapping the hard drive, I tried to reboot it by pressing the power button but that didnt work so I unplugged it. Now it wont turn on. Please help
  2. Will this PSU power cable work in this extension?

    RAM and Power Supply Support
    Will this PSU work with this Spike Guard Extension? I didn't need this extension - I only bought because the PSU's power cable is UK type and is not compatible in my country. This extension has two universal sockets. I also have a generic PSU power cable which is compatible but I'm not sure I...
  3. Freezes & poor performance issues - PSU or GPU or mobo? [moved from BSOD]

    Motherboards, Bios|UEFI & CPU
    Hi all...not sure if this is the correct/best place in the forum for this...mods please move if necessary My son's gaming rig has been suffering intermittent performance, boot & freeze issues for the last 18 months or so and we aren't sure which element is responsible. Rig specs are as...