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  1. [SOLVED] Unusual CPU temperature?

    Motherboards, Bios|UEFI & CPU
    I was noticing for few weeks, that on startup my cpu was reaching 40 or 41 degree and then cools down to say 37-38 and stays around that in warm days. I run Windows 10 and Ubuntu on seperate SSDs. So to check the problem and for routine maintainance, I opened the cooler, and cleaned the cpu...
  2. New and Revamped - A Noctua NH-D15S and NH-C14S CPU Cooler Review

    Hard Drive Support
    During June and October of 2014, Noctua released their two largest air CPU coolers to the PC market. With massive heatsinks, large copper piping, and two 120mm fans to push air, it seemed at the time that these two new coolers were the big daddy of CPU cooling. Designated NH-D15 and NH-C14 ...
  3. New and Improved – A Noctua NH-L9x65 CPU Cooler Review

    Hard Drive Support
    When building a new computer, there’s always the question of what CPU cooler to choose. Do you go for the best looking cooler, one that meets your needs, or perhaps one that performs the best? The market for CPU coolers is filled with different sizes, brands, prices, styles and performances, so...