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  1. Ports Remain Inaccessible Despite Configuring Triggering

    Networking Support
    Hi everyone, I'm trying to run a dedicated server for Ark: Survival Evolved and I've entered all the ports into port triggering but whenever I check to see if the connection is visible (querying port 27015) on sites such as, the site says: I've read that Ark requires the...
  2. A Guide To Port Forwarding

    Networking Support
    What Is Port Forwarding? Port forwarding is an instruction given to your router which tells it what it should do when it receives a packet from the internet addressed to port X, which under normal circumstances would be dropped by the router. Do I need to port forward? If you are running an...
  3. A Family sized Desktop Charger Review

    Hard Drive Support
    Instead of carrying around four USB wall chargers, I decided to take a different approach by using a four port USB wall charger. When I am out travelling, whether it be with family or work, my Inateck UC4002 USB charger is a handy gadget. I found that the capabilities of the charger extend to...