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port forwarding
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  1. Protocols and Routing
    im having the issue connection timed out after i port forwarded the port 25565 to my ipv4 address on my pc. ive tried resetting my router, ive disabled my firewall and tried different ports but still doesnt change. can any help me?
  2. Networking Support
    Hey, I have a minecraft server, which is hosted from my pc, 1 day ago everything works fine, everyone can connect easily... I set it up in the following way: first I went in the Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > "connections: Ethernet" then clicked on the...
  3. Networking Support
    Hello, I've recently been trying to set up a Minecraft server (port: 25565) so I could play with a friend, however, no matter what I try I cannot get the port open. I've made servers in the past, but that was with a different router and connected via ethernet. Now I have an ASUS RT-AC86U and I'm...
  4. Networking Support
    Initially I wanted to expose my port 3000 to the internet via port forwarding. After going to my first(inner) router's (that my desktop is directly connected to) configuration page I realized that its WAN(external) parameter's are as follows: 1. IP address = comes...
1-4 of 4 Results