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  1. A mini tutorial for simple text decorating in Photoshop

    Photographer's Corner
    Fig. 1 - The original photograph that I want to use as a demonstration of adding a RED text thereon.The following image shows samples of the same text & text colour with variations to the decorating. Text font in this mini tutorial is 'Lucinda Calligraphy' In Photoshop, 'decorating' is known as...
  2. Photoshop: Adjusting Levels

    Photographer's Corner
    One of the simplest way of giving a photograph lift is by checking and if necessary, adjusting the levels. This involves taking a peek at the histogram of the image. Do not be perturbed by the word 'histogram'. It is very easy to understand, evaluate and adjust. In general, the histogram will...
  3. Fractalius Tutorial

    Photographer's Corner
    This is the first tutorial I have written about image manipulation so forgive me if it's not great. I may edit it from time to time as I play with it a bit more or if anyone needs any extra information. The main reason for writing this tutorial is because of the comments I received on...
  4. Out Of Bounds (OOB)

    Photographer's Corner
    This is a technique that makes a plain flat image come to life by giving it a 3D type effect. In this tutorial the author will explain the various processes needed to convert Photograph 1 into Photograph 2 Photo1 Photo 2 In this tutorial, I have used Photoshop. The technique can be done...