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  1. Down on Important Night

    Mac Support
    With the recent announcement at Apple's annual keynote, releasing new editions of the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch applications, millions roared all over the world for the latest and greatest Apple technology. During their keynote, Apple stated that new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus preorders...
  2. US Jury asks for more information with Apple vs. Samsung

    Mac Support
    The Apple vs. Samsung lawsuits continue to roll on, with the court’s jury now asking for more information. The jury specifically asked for Apple to provide notes from Steve Jobs showing exactly what his intentions were for both Apple products and if he intended to sue Samsung. The...
  3. Blackberry Starts off the New Year big!

    Hard Drive Support
    Blackberry, formally Research in Motion (RIM), has started off the New Year with some major changes to the company itself along with their product line. Lately, Blackberry has been reaching a point of no-return and is close to full bankruptcy. Figure 1 – CEO Thorstein Heins at Blackberry’s...
  4. 'Here' is here

    Smart Devices | General Topics
    After the infamous map fiasco from Apple, GPS map navigation via mobile devices has been put under a lot of scrutiny. But luckily Apple users might have a solution for their mapping woes. Nokia has announced their own addition to the mapping apps in the form of 'Here'. This new map app...
  5. Manually set-up email on Blackberry Mail

    Smart Devices | General Topics
    Setting up an email address for web based email services such as Gmail or Hotmail on a Blackberry is pretty simple, as most of the information for your outgoing and incoming mail server is already predefined for you. However, what if you have a business or personal email address that is served...
  6. Apple v. Samsung comes to an end

    Mac Support
    In April of last year, Apple filed a patent lawsuit against Samsung. Apple had claimed that Samsung has breached patented copyright infringements on Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad. Apple says that the designs found on Samsung products such as the Galaxy Phone and Galaxy Tab are...