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  1. RAM and Power Supply Support
    Generally even if doing this does cause fragmentation, is it not an issue on SSD and it won't affect performance?
  2. RAM and Power Supply Support
    Currently I have 8GB of physical RAM and 4096mb of page file. I was able to open 4 browsers and a medium-RAM demanding game with about 9.1/11.8GB total usage and close to 85% physical RAM usage. I am asking this question because I do not plan on buying anymore RAM for my system. If I were to...
  3. RAM and Power Supply Support
    Currently I set my page file to a static 4096 min to max 4096mb page file, I have never needed anymore virtual memory than this and have never run out of memory. Knowing this is the sweet spot, I don't need to change the size anymore, but some people still do initial 4000 to max 8000mb in the...
  4. Hard Drive Support
    Sadly I don't have those things, but theoretically if I did use the SSD for OS systems and the HDD for installing games, what would be the optimal page filing sizes for both? I know that the HDD should have a higher page filing, but by how much exactly if you customized it?
  5. Windows 10 Support
    I have page files allocated on three different disks. When Windows 10 uses paging, which disk is selected? Another question: I have a data SSD. Can I set my C: partition page file size to zero and just have pagefile space on the data drive??
1-5 of 5 Results