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  1. Hard Drive & SSD Support
    Why did my brand new WD Red 16TB just start making this noise today? I ran two self tests an hour or two before it started making these noises on it's own. It did it 3 times in about an hour. See link with attached audio file below:
  2. Gadget Support
    Hi, Does anyone know how to build a gadget that does irregular stomp or knock sounds? I want to clamp it with a prop to the ceiling. The problem is that I have a student upstairs who runs through his apartment the whole night with flatfeet and I go nuts and I will lose my job. When he goes to...
  3. Driver Support
    Hello, To be absolutely sure my system was compatible, I watched this video which had the exact same model laptop as mine. I was able to install the NVMe SSD properly with it hanging at a 45 degree angle and it works completely fine. Video: However, I noticed that on startup only if I put my...
  4. Articles, Tutorials & Reviews
    Music is one of the ways that we can stay focused, even in a crowed public setting. The music is constantly giving us something new and keeping our brains satisfied while we work on a task. Although, as some of us know, headphones and ear buds can sometimes not be the best noise blockers...
  5. Articles, Tutorials & Reviews
    There is a great internet meme that shows a person walking around with earbuds in their ears. Then the caption of the meme is “I am not really listening to music, I just don’t want anybody to bother me”. As much as I enjoy talking to others, there are some times where I would happily sit in my...
1-5 of 5 Results