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  1. Vpn through 2nd Router

    Networking Support
    Hi there I wish to set up a second router after the usual one from my isp, that runs a vpn connection, but I'm having some trouble with the settings.. So I have my normal router, from my isp with the ip address and a dhcp. Plugged in to this router I have another one, which shall...
  2. Elegant Networking - An eero Home WiFi System Review

    Networking Support
    I’ve been fortunate enough to have reviewed some of technology’s greatest inventions and some products that are perfect in every single way, though none of them have had a bigger impact on my reviewing process than the eero system. Eero had just started its business in 2014 when I first caught...
  3. A Versatile, Personal Storage Solution - A Synology NAS DiskStation (DS216j) Review

    Networking Support
    Before computing was mainstream, sharing a personal memory was only accomplishable through printed pictures. People kept photo albums that held, literally, thousands of pictures. A newborn's picture, their first day of school, camping, or just a funny moment were all captured on physical paper...
  4. What's The Best Router...the Final Update!

    Networking Support
    Well, it has been a couple of months now since I have blogged on  What’s the Best Router….an update ……The D-Link router has been returned to the Vendor which was a hassle free experience. It is now time to give my final update and progress of my new Netgear Dual-Band router. So far it is...
  5. How to Setup a Third Party router using the Orange Broadband Service

    Networking Support
    Do you use Orange Broadband service using a Livebox or Siemens Router supplied to you by Orange? Do you wish to use a third party router such as Dlink, Linksys, Netgear or Buffalo which have more great and useful features such as QOS, NAS, Print Server and HD video streaming capabilities? The...
  6. Configuring an AP or Client Bridge Router Behind a Firewall or Security Appliance

    Networking Support
    This tutorial can be utilized in a business network environment. This is based on my knowledge of how to configure a Buffalo AP (Access Points)/Bridge Router (other Brands and Models of AP/Bridge Routers may have some similar features) that’s connected behind a Sonicwall TZ 210 or any...
  7. What's the Best Router?

    Networking Support
    Selecting the right router and what’s applicable for your network can be difficult. It can depend on your ISP and the type of Broadband (DSL/ADSL, Fiber, Cable or Satellite) connection you have; some can behave differently than others. I hear this all the time and have been often asked the same...
  8. Reset for Linksys, Netgear, D-Link and Belkin Routers

    Hard Drive Support
    General Router Reset for Linksys, Netgear, D-Link and Belkin Routers: There are a variety of reasons why a Router needs to be reset to the factory default setting. Forgotten or lost router password. Complicated Issues with wireless/wired network. Often, these issues can be resolved by a router...