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  1. Windows 10 Support
    Troubleshooting i did: 1. Reinstalled Windows 10 2. Reseated Motherboard and PSU 3. Turned off "Allow this computer to turn off this device to save power" in all USB hubs on Device Manager 4. Uninstalled all devices using USBdeview (link) 5. Tried diagnostic startup and selective startup still...
  2. Other Hardware Support
    I just bought a really good new Logitech mouse and was wondering how I could prolong the lifespan of its feets to minimize friction over time. Is it necessary to use a mousepad? I ask as I just use a piece of printer paper for now. Also, if the feet are replacable, how frequently should I swap...
  3. Windows 10 Support
    basically my mouse is ALWAYS freezing. It started in a video game and everything in the game froze too. I think it's because of my lack of space on my laptop but im not too sure. What do i do? Here's a video that shows the problem
  4. Other Hardware Support
    I had Asus ROG SICA mouse 3 years ago, which broke after a year. It used to get disconnected and reconnected now and then. It was not so frequent. But this thing kept increasing and eventually the mouse couldn't be detected. Then I bought a Gigabyte Arous M3 mouse. The same thing happened to...