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  1. Android OS
    Can somebody tell me difference between those 2 monitors. I wanna buy, but i dont have any expirience.. Sry for bad English.. Monitor Dell S2422HG, 165 Hz / FreeSync Monotor Dell P2722H, IPS .Ty.🥴
  2. Windows 10 Support
    Hello! I am attempting to use a Windows 10 laptop as a kiosk. I can put the laptop into kiosk mode just fine, but what I am looking to do is have on a second monitor display a different website with the same application. Is there a way to do this with assigned access, or is there a program...
  3. Windows 10 Support
    Hey all. I have a functioning DisplayPort MST setup. You can find all the hardware I'm using here: Monitors DP Cables DP Hub PC I know this setup functions. The DP monitors work as intended both in the BIOS, and on USB-loaded Ubuntu. I have updated all drivers that I can think to update, and...
1-3 of 3 Results