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  1. Dead Zones (Mesh or Extender)

    I have been having lots of issues lately with my internet and have lots of questions. // My current setup is a Spectrum 150mbs plan with a Nighthawk AC1750 in our office space on the main floor. My setup unfortunately is across the house upstairs. I have messed with internet range extenders of...
  2. How much private CC info is it possible to intercept...??

    Security and Firewalls
    Retired computer consultant self employed for 16 years at it, specialized in hardware but of course had to know software. Most of my clients were businesses with networks, Wifi APs, and separate CC readers. I've been retired for 14 years now and back when I was much more active doing...
  3. How to monitor my wireless network on Linux pc?

    Linux Support
    I recently upgraded my wired only modem to modem+wireless router. [off topic: this solved my year old browsing problem. Before I couldn't visit certain sites from new versions of Linux distros. I found out that was because my old modem was in bridged mode. I set the new one to pppoe and the...