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  1. Linux Support
    When someone decides that they want to try out a Linux Distribution and maybe decide to tell their family and friends that they are trying out this amazing free operating system for their computer called ‘Linux’. They might then reply is that just like Windows or MacOS? Well not really. One...
  2. Linux Support
    We're half way through 2012 and so far the Linux world has witnessed the releases of some major distribution LTS or Long Term Support releases, we've heard the news that Microsoft Windows 8 will be out at the end of this year and how the Linux community have reacted to this and the also the...
  3. Linux Support
    Most Linux distributions only come with a few installed system fonts for you to use. But what if you need to use a fancy font for a birthday invitation? Or you are creating your very own gaming website and need some 8-bit fonts? This short tutorial will explain how to install new fonts that you...
1-3 of 3 Results