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    Hiya, I have an issue with my macbook pro 2020 screen, the screen works fine and runs normally. But when I close the screen and reopen it my screen its then just black? I've tried the screen of death advise but it doesnt work. So essentially after I use my mac I cant use it for another 8 hours...
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    Hello, I have a macbook pro retina 2013 A1502 that doesn't work on the trackpad, I already changed the part, checked the power input on the trackpad, and reset NVRAM and SMC ... and it didn't come back. does anyone know how I can solve it?
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    New MacBook pro with Big Sur 11.0.1. Will NOT allow downloads of Firefox and Brave and TurboTax. Seems goofy. Help
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    I installed Windows 10 into bootcamp and everything worked fine. Left it alone for a few days and now when I try to boot into it, I see the Windows logo and then a black screen. I tried holding a flashlight to the screen to see if its a brightness issue related to adaptive brightness, but its...
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    So long story short, my 2012 MBP was declared unsupported for Big Sur. I unofficially installed the beta on it, with the help of an Apple dev friend, hoping I could hold out another year... and it was just horrible. It ran SUPER hot, it was HORRIBLY slow, and its no wonder that Apple dropped...
1-5 of 5 Results