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  1. Samsung phone won't stop making bizarre screaming noise

    Smart Devices | General Topics
    My Samsung phone is making a rhythmic, two-tone screaming noise. "Scream-scream - pause - scream-scream - pause" etc. It won't stop and the screen has gone black. What is this and what would cause this?
  2. Music that Booms – A Logitech UE Boom Review

    Hard Drive Support
    Whether you are a college student looking to play some tunes outside or a car guy needing some background music while you tune up the car, portable speakers have become handy devices. Gone are the days of carrying around a boom box over your shoulder as technology has taken us into an era of...
  3. Did You Hear That? Of course you did, its surround sound – A Logitech Z506 Surround Sound System Review

    Hard Drive Support
    Home audio is something that is hard to get right. You need to find a system that meets all of your needs. Should you go with a 2.1, 5.1, 7.1 system? With new computer motherboards coming with new audio hardware, in that the audio chipset and their audio components are separate from the rest of...