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  1. Linux Support
    I'm a novice user testing Fedora for the last 6 months in VirtualBox. I've set the time format to 24-hour but the time still shows as 24-hour at the top of the Login Screen. Is there a difference between system vs user time format in Fedora?
  2. Linux Support
    Dear all. I have a raspberry pi 4 (4gb) running ubuntu 21xxx. I would like to set up a ssh connection between a windows machine with the windows subsystem for linux and the RPi over my home network. I've been using windows and linux for years, but i'm not so familiar with home networks. I...
  3. Linux Support
    Hello! I have this script which works without the while loop and sleeps but when trying to whole loop it (infinite) the bash comes up with unexpected end (on the last line). can anyone help me infinite loop this? while true for i in "${SERVICES[@]}" do #"not"# if [[ "$(service...
  4. Linux Support
    Hello, I've heard that these old Acers don't like Linux. I created a bootable USB with Linux Mint, and when I installed it (chose the option that wipes the harddrive), I booted it and got the "No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key" message. I've gone into the BIOS and made...
  5. Linux Support
    Help! I recently installed arch linux and it's not booting up. It's stuck on starting version 247 and something, i left IT for 2 hours and IT was still stuck... Im using AMD, and NVidia
  6. Linux Support
    Hi everyone I need a command to select all files inside folder and subfolders created since the creation of a certain file xyz.txt . Probably using the timestamp or something . Can someone point me in the right direction ? Best regards I have tryed this: OK - find -newermt "$(date -r...
  7. Linux Support
    Hi, I have linux running on an embedded system. The linux distro is Debian 10 Buster The HW is imx8 - mini. The issue is the following : 1. I connect to the embedded hw via serial port and then connect to the wifi network , via nmcli commands. 2. At this point with wifi up, I can ping...
  8. Linux Support
    When I start my Computer, it always show up the rescue GRUB page, not the normal GRUB anymore, I use a DUAL BOOTED computer, with windows 10 and parrotOS, the computer was normal until I did a update on windwos this problem began to show up. I already know how to quit this rescue page, by...
  9. Linux Support
    I just installed Ubuntu on a brand new machine. 16.04.3. If the headphones are plugged, the speakers don't work, if speakers are on, it changes to headphone as soon as I plug it. In 16.04.1, I could manually switch from sound settings headphones or speakers. I have 4.1 sound system and I did...
  10. Linux Support
    Whenever I open Gedit (no matter empty or long text file), everything suddenly becomes so slow. The typing, tab switching in ALL browsers, opening and closing of files everything. It acts as if I'm running my pc on 1gb ddr1 and opened some heavy weight software. I checked the RAM use of gedit...
  11. Linux Support
    For testing purpose (that it works or not), is it possible to encrypt a directory on Live usb? I meant to say not to touch anything on main disk/installation. Simply create an encrypted folder inside live usb using ecryptfs. Will it work or it requires an installed distro?
  12. Linux Support
    How can I encrypt my USB drive so that it works out of the box in any platform - mainly linux or windows or rarely mac?
  13. Articles, Tutorials & Reviews
    In most magic-inspired fictions, the wizard uses a wand or magic-infused weapon to cast their spells. It's their own words and magic that casts the spells, but without a wand, they are essentially powerless. In modern times, we lack the power of magic, but we do have the power to control...
  14. Windows 10 Support
    I use Linux. But I was thinking to buy Windows 10 to play games and use adobe products. But I have the following questions - 1. Suppose I buy a windows 10 (shop or online or Microsoft store whatever). And I install it in one machine (one ssd). But later I want to migrate to a completely new...
  15. Linux Support
    I want to encrypt ~/Documents only. I have no problem using the terminal while setting it up. But most of the resources on internet only shows how to access the encrypted directories via terminal only. Is there a graphical way too? Please walk me through the whole process. Setting up...
  16. Linux Support
    I just ran RKhunter and it gave me this warning /usr/bin/lwp-request [warning] What does this mean?
  17. Linux Support
    Which distros are readily avilable with live mode+codecs? I'm surprised to find deepin has codecs but not live mode, where linux mint 18 has live mode but no codecs!
  18. Linux Support
    Greetings all, I will have acquired a Raspberry Pi 2 "starter kit" by later today. With very little experience programming or running LINUX other than booting up various utility CD's, I would like some basic guidance as to how to set it up optimally. I want to try to use it to watch videos...
1-18 of 43 Results