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  1. [SOLVED] Cryptocurrency miner appearing instead of requested webpages

    Resolved HJT Threads
    I'm a fairly green web developer at a small company, and we've been having a very worrying problem. We're mostly running Linux (myself included), though there are two windows machines on the network. Many of our http requests are coming back with a webpage that looks like this: It runs a script...
  2. Headphone and speakers are not working at the same time

    Linux Support
    I just installed Ubuntu on a brand new machine. 16.04.3. If the headphones are plugged, the speakers don't work, if speakers are on, it changes to headphone as soon as I plug it. In 16.04.1, I could manually switch from sound settings headphones or speakers. I have 4.1 sound system and I did...
  3. Gedit is making everything slow

    Linux Support
    Whenever I open Gedit (no matter empty or long text file), everything suddenly becomes so slow. The typing, tab switching in ALL browsers, opening and closing of files everything. It acts as if I'm running my pc on 1gb ddr1 and opened some heavy weight software. I checked the RAM use of gedit...
  4. Possible to Encrypt directory on Live Usb

    Linux Support
    For testing purpose (that it works or not), is it possible to encrypt a directory on Live usb? I meant to say not to touch anything on main disk/installation. Simply create an encrypted folder inside live usb using ecryptfs. Will it work or it requires an installed distro?
  5. Cross-platform encryption usb

    Linux Support
    How can I encrypt my USB drive so that it works out of the box in any platform - mainly linux or windows or rarely mac?
  6. Questions about installing and using Windows 10

    Windows 10 Support
    I use Linux. But I was thinking to buy Windows 10 to play games and use adobe products. But I have the following questions - 1. Suppose I buy a windows 10 (shop or online or Microsoft store whatever). And I install it in one machine (one ssd). But later I want to migrate to a completely new...
  7. [SOLVED] How to encrypt a directory and easily access it?

    Linux Support
    I want to encrypt ~/Documents only. I have no problem using the terminal while setting it up. But most of the resources on internet only shows how to access the encrypted directories via terminal only. Is there a graphical way too? Please walk me through the whole process. Setting up...
  8. What is a lwp-request?

    Linux Support
    I just ran RKhunter and it gave me this warning /usr/bin/lwp-request [warning] What does this mean?
  9. [SOLVED] Which distros are available out-of-box? [Solved]

    Linux Support
    Which distros are readily avilable with live mode+codecs? I'm surprised to find deepin has codecs but not live mode, where linux mint 18 has live mode but no codecs!
  10. Getting Raspberry Pi 2 Starter kit

    Linux Support
    Greetings all, I will have acquired a Raspberry Pi 2 "starter kit" by later today. With very little experience programming or running LINUX other than booting up various utility CD's, I would like some basic guidance as to how to set it up optimally. I want to try to use it to watch videos...
  11. [SOLVED] Using Ubuntu on a ssd?

    Linux Support
    Are there any kind of precautions or operations should be performed to use Ubuntu 15.10 on a ssd? Like something with trim or managing the read and write after waking up from suspension. I don't know in details, but I was reading such things. And The next LTS will be released in 5 months. So I...
  12. Linux install to automatically upload to SMB share on Windows network

    Linux Support
    HI All, Im looking into different ways (different Linux Distros, other OSes,etc.) to install on a small device (eg. intel Nuc) that has the ability to automatically (or semi-automate) copy file from an inserted usb device to a share. I understand it may be a bit fiddly to get right, but as I'm...
  13. The Most Advanced Security Suite Available – An ESET Remote Administrator 6 with additional software Review

    Mac Support
    This world is digitally controlled, operated, and powered by computers. Every action we do today involves the use of a computer, whether that action be reading this review, driving your car, or ordering a meal at a restaurant. At the end of 2014, the United Nations stated that over three...
  14. How to post a screenshot

    Mac Support
    The following guide will illustrate how to take a screenshot or capture a picture of the current display on your computer. This guide will include steps for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux based PCs. With a picture being worth a thousand words, it may be better to show what you see rather than...
  15. How to monitor my wireless network on Linux pc?

    Linux Support
    I recently upgraded my wired only modem to modem+wireless router. [off topic: this solved my year old browsing problem. Before I couldn't visit certain sites from new versions of Linux distros. I found out that was because my old modem was in bridged mode. I set the new one to pppoe and the...
  16. A Two-In-One Flash Drive – A Kingston DataTraveler MicroDuo Review

    Hard Drive Support
    Have you ever wanted to make a quick transfer to your Android phone but did not want to use the USB cable? Has there been a time where a movie you want to watch is too large for your phone's storage? Or are you a business man who needs to transfer files quickly onto your Android Tablet for a...
  17. Linux 2012 – The Year End

    Linux Support
    In June this year I published the first half of this two part series – Linux 2012: The Year So Far in which we covered the up and coming releases such as Mint 13 and Ubuntu 12.04, the introduction to the Raspberry Pi and what the future holds for gaming within Linux. Now we are nearing the end...
  18. Linux: Basic Terminal Commands

    Linux Support
    Introduction So, have you gone through the basics of Linux and now want to delve into the Terminal? This article will explain what exactly the Terminal is, why we use it, and will show you some basic, commonly used, commands. When using the Terminal you should always be careful however, and...
  19. Raspberry Pie increases production

    Hard Drive Support
    The Raspberry Pi foundation announced this Sunday that it’s lifting its purchase restrictions on the budget Linux computer. Previously, due to demand, purchases were limited to one per customer; however, the foundation has been working with its manufacturing partners to increase capacity. The...
  20. Is Linux Really an OS?

    Linux Support
    When someone decides that they want to try out a Linux Distribution and maybe decide to tell their family and friends that they are trying out this amazing free operating system for their computer called ‘Linux’. They might then reply is that just like Windows or MacOS? Well not really. One...