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  1. All my mice breaks the same way

    Other Hardware Support
    I had Asus ROG SICA mouse 3 years ago, which broke after a year. It used to get disconnected and reconnected now and then. It was not so frequent. But this thing kept increasing and eventually the mouse couldn't be detected. Then I bought a Gigabyte Arous M3 mouse. The same thing happened to...
  2. Microsoft RT and why you can't say 'Metro' anymore

    Windows XP Support
    The line between Netbooks, Notebooks and Tablets are slowly merging into one gigantic pool of confusion. Recently, with the release of Windows 8, Microsoft also announced a version of their software that would run on ARM devices, which in essence will be in between a tablet and a laptop. But...
  3. Microsoft Confirm Windows 8 Release Date

    Windows XP Support
    Microsoft have revealed that Windows 8 will be released on the 26th of October. The declaration was made at the firm's annual sales meeting and was  published on its blog  shortly after. The firm has described the update as the most important redesign of its interface in more than a decade...
  4. Which device is Windows 8 really for?

    Windows XP Support
    When buying a new PC or a tablet there is one major thing to take into consideration; the operation system (OS). It’s what makes the device act and feel like it should. Your PC or tablet may have outstanding features but what will allow you to run them or use them is the OS. Think of the...