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    Hello there, My Satellite M840 was turned off suddenly when i as playing and i turned it back on confused why that happened. It proceeds to turn on and frew minutes later it shut off again. Tha laptop was not piping hot so i thought it is not a overheating problem. The laptop will not turn on...
  2. Other Hardware Support
    Hello, I've been playing the click test game online on my laptop for a while with a USB Keyboard but yesterday I noticed the built-in keyboard of my laptop didn't work anymore. The only thing that's working is the FN key when I want to adjust the keyboard's backlight. I spent the whole evening...
  3. Laptop Support
    Hi guys. So as you read my username (brianMakesProblems), yes, I like to start a problem and then find a way to solve it, which sometimes costs me a ton of money. So I had this Acer E5-575g Laptop for about 6 years already, then one day I thought "Why not do a RAM upgrade?" So I found this old...
  4. Laptop Support
    Hello, I unfortunately dropped my laptop on its left side, which broke off the edge of the laptop and damaged one of the two USB ports. I have attached pictures of what this looks like. There is a dent both external and internal of the USB port making the port unusable. I would really like to...
  5. Laptop Support
    My Alienware 15 R3's battery capacity has dropped a lot and I have owned it for about 2 years I started out with about 99WH and now I have about 71WH. Is this normal or is something wrong with the computer. Usually, the battery lasted for about 4 hours, but now it lasts for about 1 and a...
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    Laptop Support
1-6 of 8 Results