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  1. Laptop Support
    There is a "no static" :sleep: strip on certain HP screens (may apply to other brands too) where you aren't supposed to touch - however I did. The screen is fried. Is the motherboard going to accept a replacement screen? :cool: Thanks To clarify, screen was working fine until I touched it there.
  2. Laptop Support
    Hi, i have Lenovo ideapad 330-15ikb with problem with BSOD (code: SYSTEM PTE MISUSE) , i get randomly BSOD or after windows update, it starts automatic repair loop and it never succeeds, tried new system, reinstall all drivers, changed ssd, changed ram memory, latest bios version, disabled...
  3. Other Hardware Support
    Did a keyboard replacement on an HP Pavillion laptop. Now the touchpad does not show up in device manager, and installing new drivers does not connect it either. The connection looks fine in my opinion, and trying a different touchpad did not solve the issue either.
  4. Laptop Support
    Hello there, My Satellite M840 was turned off suddenly when i as playing and i turned it back on confused why that happened. It proceeds to turn on and frew minutes later it shut off again. Tha laptop was not piping hot so i thought it is not a overheating problem. The laptop will not turn on...
  5. Other Hardware Support
    Hello, I've been playing the click test game online on my laptop for a while with a USB Keyboard but yesterday I noticed the built-in keyboard of my laptop didn't work anymore. The only thing that's working is the FN key when I want to adjust the keyboard's backlight. I spent the whole evening...
  6. Laptop Support
    Hi guys. So as you read my username (brianMakesProblems), yes, I like to start a problem and then find a way to solve it, which sometimes costs me a ton of money. So I had this Acer E5-575g Laptop for about 6 years already, then one day I thought "Why not do a RAM upgrade?" So I found this old...
  7. Laptop Support
    Hello, I unfortunately dropped my laptop on its left side, which broke off the edge of the laptop and damaged one of the two USB ports. I have attached pictures of what this looks like. There is a dent both external and internal of the USB port making the port unusable. I would really like to...
  8. Laptop Support
    My Alienware 15 R3's battery capacity has dropped a lot and I have owned it for about 2 years I started out with about 99WH and now I have about 71WH. Is this normal or is something wrong with the computer. Usually, the battery lasted for about 4 hours, but now it lasts for about 1 and a...
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1-9 of 11 Results