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  1. My Old Keyboard (ps2 type connector) Calculator key and Connect keys are not working.

    Other Hardware Support
    I had a old keyboard in my house. It is a Compaq 5185. I bought a ps2 to usb adapter from amazon and thought that i would use it with my laptop for gaming and for a better typing experience. The keyboard is in good condition. My special function keys are as Follows; 1) Sleep (working) 2) Connect...
  2. Laptop Keyboard Issues

    Other Hardware Support
    I've been trouble shooting the problem of keyboard keys prompting other windows and action other than typing letters. I can work for 4 hours normally, then wham, no longer works. I've followed all suggestions from Asus, including completely resetting my laptop, reinstalling Windows etc etc...
  3. Speedy RGB – A VAVA Mechanical Keyboard with Blue Switches Review

    Hard Drive Support
    Keyboards seem to be the big focus this year as this will be my fourth keyboard review in the past couple of months. The drive for more keyboards may be coming with the increasing gaming tournaments going on at Twitch.TV. Sponsorships for gaming tournaments are common and many times it’s a...