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  1. US Jury asks for more information with Apple vs. Samsung

    Mac Support
    The Apple vs. Samsung lawsuits continue to roll on, with the court’s jury now asking for more information. The jury specifically asked for Apple to provide notes from Steve Jobs showing exactly what his intentions were for both Apple products and if he intended to sue Samsung. The...
  2. Apple Invites you to their October 22nd Event

    Mac Support
    With the usual extreme predictability of Apple’s events, Apple sent out an invitation this week announcing their October 22nd iPad event. With the release of the new iPhone 5s only a month ago, Apple has followed the pattern of an iPhone release in September and iPad release in October. The...
  3. Apple v. Samsung comes to an end

    Mac Support
    In April of last year, Apple filed a patent lawsuit against Samsung. Apple had claimed that Samsung has breached patented copyright infringements on Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad. Apple says that the designs found on Samsung products such as the Galaxy Phone and Galaxy Tab are...
  4. Microsoft RT and why you can't say 'Metro' anymore

    Windows XP Support
    The line between Netbooks, Notebooks and Tablets are slowly merging into one gigantic pool of confusion. Recently, with the release of Windows 8, Microsoft also announced a version of their software that would run on ARM devices, which in essence will be in between a tablet and a laptop. But...
  5. Apple Pay The Penalty

    Mac Support
    A UK judge had ordered Apple to publish announcements in various media stating that 'Samsung did not copy the design of it's iPad, according to the Bloomberg news agency. One announcement is to remain on Apple's website for at least six months while other adverts are to placed in various...
  6. When is an iPad not an iPad?

    Mac Support
    Answer: when it's sold in China. At least, that's what now appears to be the situation with Apple having lost a court case over rights to the iPad name. A Chinese company registered the name "iPad" back in the year 2000 (with great foresight?) and Apple had agreed use of the name from the...
  7. How to take a screen shot on an Apple iOS device

    Mac Support
    Ever wanted to know how to take a screen shot on an Apple device? It is very straight forward. Have a look at the image below: Have a look where the red boxes are around. The first on is the on/standby button and the second on is the Home button. Just press them in at the same time. You...
  8. Organize iPad Applications

    Mac Support
    In this article I will be covering how to Organize your Apps, which will include the following: Create Folders to store apps Delete Apps Create Folders The first thing to do is to hold your finger down on one of the Apps, the icons will start 'wiggling', to create a folder drag one of the Apps...