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  1. Questions about installing and using Windows 10

    Windows 10 Support
    I use Linux. But I was thinking to buy Windows 10 to play games and use adobe products. But I have the following questions - 1. Suppose I buy a windows 10 (shop or online or Microsoft store whatever). And I install it in one machine (one ssd). But later I want to migrate to a completely new...
  2. A Guide to Choosing your Linux Distribution

    Linux Support
    If, like myself, you have decided that you want a change from expensive, high maintenance computing, or you simply wish to sample the delights of open source computing, then one of the most frequent questions that appears is what distribution do I choose? There are so many wonderful and exciting...
  3. How to Setup a D-Link Router

    Networking Support
    In this Tutorial we will be using a D-Link DIR 655 wireless router connected to a Charter Communications Cable Modem. We will not be using the D-Link installation CD, but will instead manually configure the router. To begin, connect a patch network cable between the Modem’s port and the...
  4. How To: Installing Fonts in Linux Mint/Ubuntu

    Linux Support
    Most Linux distributions only come with a few installed system fonts for you to use. But what if you need to use a fancy font for a birthday invitation? Or you are creating your very own gaming website and need some 8-bit fonts? This short tutorial will explain how to install new fonts that you...
  5. Linux and Manual Partitioning

    Linux Support
    Introduction This is a general tutorial to Linux installation and partitioning and is meant as a guide only. In this guide I will show you how to install and partition a Linux setup when using an Ubuntu based distribution, however this partitioning guide can be used more universally in other...