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  1. Windows 10 Support
    Hello,my system ups always show voltage variations.But as soon as the voltage variation occurs my headset disconnects.What should I do?
  2. Motherboards, Bios|UEFI & CPU
    Backstory: My headset(1 audio + 1 mic )was plugged in the front panel. I tripped on the wire. The entire pc cabinet fell. Nothing happened to the pc but the headphone jack/pin (3.5mm) got bent. Ordered a new headphone. It has 1 audio pin, 1 mic pin and one usb for LED. Now I tested with the...
  3. Mac Support
    Headphones range from the cheap Walmart off-the-shelf units to professional grade thousand dollar units. We all know that the bottom of the barrel is unacceptable for general usage and the top of the top is generally out of our reach. Therefore, the mid-range price point is the best approach and...
  4. Mac Support
    Since the days of the Holy Roman Empire, Germany has developed into a worldwide manufacturing power house that exports some of the world’s finest technology. German machinery, vehicles, and electronics are the country’s largest three exports, all of which can be seen all over the globe. Here in...
1-4 of 7 Results