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  1. Home DIY Support
    Hi guys, i made this account to ask this question. A family member recently bought a new TV and she wants it to work with her VCR and DVD combo player. Her TV has HDMI, USB 5V ANT IN and LAN and USB inputs, and the DVD VCR player has Yellow, red white RCA and green blue red component outputs. I...
  2. Console Gaming Support
    My Xbox 360 has been in use for over 10 years, playing all sorts of games. Only now does it decide to flicker and force us to use VGA without sound. I've tried looking it up but nothing worked. I have noticed that the HDMI port is significantly looser than its successor. please help
  3. Video Card Support
    just bought a new 10m 2.0 hdmi cable and tried to connect my 4k tv to my computer. in somewhat constant intervals the tv kind of shuts down and then reboots, it's only down for like 1 sec then up to full power again. if i try to set the tv as my speaker it will sometimes play sound for something...
  4. Other Mobile Devices & Operating Systems
    Several years ago I bought a phablet made by Freelander that had HDMI. It's worked great while I was traveling in Europe but the phone feature was just a backup for if I ever lost my cell phone. I liked having that backup available just in case as buying a SIM and opening a phone account...
  5. Laptop Support
    Hello everyone, i just got a new laptop , before that i was using pc which was connected to my monitor with VGA, monitor works fine , cables work fine i know bcuz(when i plug the VGA to HDMI cable to my laptop it detects the monitor) in display settings i can see the monitor even can perfom...
1-5 of 6 Results