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  1. Windows 7 , Windows Vista Support
    Hi everyone I’m new here, hoping some of you computer wizards can help me out. A few days ago we had thunderstorms, my pc was on, and before I could shut it down properly it suddenly turned off, it’s connected to a power surge. Other appliances didn’t turn off except just my computer, so it...
  2. Hard Drive Support Hi all, Before this I ran my laptop with the OS on it's HDD. It's likely faulty because of chkdsk /r I had to do on it to clean install and the clicking noises it makes but crystal disk info has NEVER shown any issues on it. I wiped my old HDD, installed windows on the...
  3. Hard Drive Support
    Hi all, Sometimes I like to leave my laptop lid closed to listen to music on my laptop. I make sure that closing the lid does nothing for this to work. I have a HDD, and for some reason whenever I do this I frequently hear more clicking than usual while the lid is closed but the music is still...
1-3 of 3 Results