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  1. PC Gaming Support
    Sorry if the text is confusing and hard to read, still struggle to write big chunks of text in english. I used to game a lot on my laptop, and a few months ago I noticed it was struggling with Valorant (It didn't before). To be more precise, the game was freezing when something new happened...
  2. Laptop Support
    i face a problem with my laptop after install software my laptop restart open brand logo and then stuck there.I hard power off it and power on back an then my laptop screen has never again open it stays in black no brand logo(toshiba) no nothing just i heard the air coolers and see the laptop...
  3. Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help
    I reinstalled windows 2 weeks back and my Razer mouse recently stopped tracking and sliding off to the top of screen. Thinking it was a driver issue I tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers and it didn't work. So I re installed windows and for some reason my keyboard got the same problem...
  4. Other Hardware Support
    hello, i got an issue on my notebook ASUS , my keyboard isn't working when windows already started, but works normally when i enter on the bios, the issue started after the battery was low and the notebook enter in suspended mode, i already tried to upgrade the drivers and uninstalled with no...
  5. Laptop Support
    Some keys on the keyboard of a laptop are not working and as the switch on button is one of them the laptop turns off or goes to sleep randomly. When the cable of the keyboard is not connected the laptop is working properly. Can I fix this issue somehow without changing the keyboard?
  6. Other Hardware Support
    Hello, I recently received a X52 PRO flight HOTAS from a family friend. I hooked it up and all the buttons light and work. However, there seems to be a certain issue with the programming of the buttons. For example, when I'm in mode 1, both my POV 1 and 2 thumbsticks are constantly registered...
1-6 of 6 Results