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  2. General Computer Security
    I'm not sure which place to post things yet. I got active again here for other reasons a few weeks ago. Then, two days ago, I fell for full page pop up and got roped into a scam. The guy came in remotely and had installed Connect something and had been in my history about 35 minutes before...
  3. General Computer Security
    Hi, Every month google maps gives me a report of places I have visited in the month. And it have been showing that I visited a place in Moscow. (See attached image.) It started since 31st October, 2019 and last visited shown is September 2020. The frequency with which it showed was once a week...
  4. General Computer Security
    Last night I got an email from google asking for account recovery and I said no and the next day I was signed out on all my devices and I don’t have access to the recovery phone number because I don’t have service anymore and I don’t have access to my email because Microsoft deleted it due to...
1-4 of 4 Results