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  1. A Guide To Port Forwarding

    Networking Support
    What Is Port Forwarding? Port forwarding is an instruction given to your router which tells it what it should do when it receives a packet from the internet addressed to port X, which under normal circumstances would be dropped by the router. Do I need to port forward? If you are running an...
  2. How to clean your system from all display drivers

    Hard Drive Support
    A computer graphics card is the component that produces a graphical or video interface which is then displayed onto your screen. Like a USB thumb drive, graphics cards require a connection to your system’s motherboard, in this case through your peripheral component interconnect or PCI for short...
  3. How to Find Your Missing Drivers

    Hard Drive Support
    When installing a new operating system, you may run into the problem of missing drivers. Drivers in Windows are how devices, like your video card or USB ports, communicate to the operating itself. Without the correct driver Windows may not use the device at hand and issues may occur. The...
  4. How to perform a MemTest86 Test

    Hard Drive Support
    MemTest86 is an easy-to-use DOS test that can help determine whether or not your memory (RAM) is failing. This test will work on desktops, laptops and notebooks and will test all types of memory. The following article will guide you through how to test your memory for any damage or issues that...
  5. The Champion of CPU Cooling – A Noctua NH-D15 Review

    Hard Drive Support
    Being a member of the Tech Support Forum Hardware team, as well as maintaining the TSF Build Guide , I make sure to only recommend the highest spec computer components that I have found. My recommendations are based on what I personally would use in my system along with known quality brands...
  6. TSF Hardware Team's Recommended Builds - 2014

    Hard Drive Support
    Welcome to the 2014 Recommended Build Guide Custom Intel and AMD PC Builds Outstanding Quality, Outstanding Performance, Outstanding Value Revised 1/1/14 and updated regularly! ** Read Here First! ** ** This build is now outdated! View the latest build guide here ! ** Here at TSF our...
  7. TSF Hardware Team's Recommended Builds - 2013

    Hard Drive Support
    Please note that this is no longer the newest version of the TSF Build Guide. The newest 2014 edition can be found here ! The following builds, however, are still functional, high quality, and high performance builds. These can be used if you wish to save even more money. Welcome to...