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  1. Linux Support
    Just had to fix a Industrial PC running Debian for a 3D Log Scanner. Had made a backup of the Disk, then recovered the image to a new SSD. After this, when restarting, no matter which drive I installed, it wouldn't boot up. Always would get stuck in initfsram, because GRUB way trying to boot...
  2. Linux Support
    When I start my Computer, it always show up the rescue GRUB page, not the normal GRUB anymore, I use a DUAL BOOTED computer, with windows 10 and parrotOS, the computer was normal until I did a update on windwos this problem began to show up. I already know how to quit this rescue page, by...
  3. Linux Support
    I did some searching and couldn't easily find a solution to this problem, here... So here it is. My PC has Windows 10 and Mint 20 Cinnamon in different disks. It was booting Windows 10 before I installed Mint. No dual boot because I didn't go for manual partitioning. I could try and get it to...
1-3 of 3 Results