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  1. Smart Devices | General Topics
    After the infamous map fiasco from Apple, GPS map navigation via mobile devices has been put under a lot of scrutiny. But luckily Apple users might have a solution for their mapping woes. Nokia has announced their own addition to the mapping apps in the form of 'Here'. This new map app...
  2. Mac Support
    Since 2011, the heated battle between Samsung and Apple has run wild, creating stirs in the internet community and the world. Although not everyone knew this, Apple sued Samsung for various copyright infringements including Samsung's Galaxy Tab and their Galaxy phones. In response to this attack...
  3. Linux Support
    Google officially unveiled their 'next-generation' Android mobile OS 4.1 'Jelly Bean' in June, though officially there are currently only two devices that have Jelly Bean available. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Googles new Nexus-7 Tablet. Now though Jelly bean should be making it's way onto the...
  4. Computer Security News
    Recently Apple and Google have removed a malicious app from their stores. The new malware app is called “Find and Call” and was flagged by Kaspersky to be a type of malware. The app was available on Google Play since May 21st and Apple’s app Store since June 13th. When uploading a new...
21-24 of 29 Results