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  1. PC Gaming Support
    A few days ago I spilled water on my laptop, and foolishly tried to turn it on before it had fully dried. After using Startup Repair, almost everything works fine, but now my game graphics are stuttering and lagging badly. Occasionally the dedicated graphics card would crash, and upon restart I...
  2. PC Gaming Support
    I first got GTA a couple of weeks ago and it would run at around 130-140 FPS range at very high settings but now all of a sudden I'm getting 40-140 fps and it stutters like crazy even if I lower the settings, please help I don't know what to do.
  3. Diagnostics, Utilities and Other Software
    Hey, i was having this issue since a long while, and it really does annoy me, maybe the most annoying thing in my life at the moment... I am experiencing fps issues while in game when near to a lot of npc, player, mob, and even sometimes structures. For an example, i joined a Garry's Mod game...
1-3 of 3 Results