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  1. Security and Firewalls
    Hello, everyone. I haven't set up a modem/router in bridge mode in a long time. The last time I had to put the modem in bridge mode and then input the pppoe user and password data into the firewall. I'm trying to configure my sonicwall and when selecting later 2 bridge I see no option to add...
  2. Windows 10 Support
    My dad blocked roblox from my computer i tried the firewall and regedit to get through it it wont work. When i type it says the site cannot me reached. It doesn't work its not a wifi issue because i tried my hopspot, its the computer. I also check google chrome settings. If anyone can...
  3. Networking Support
    So the following happend, I used to have normal internet and everything was perfectly fine, but since yesterday the responsible person for the wifi(the house owner) changed something on the router and now I cant use Whatsapp video and audio calls and I also cant use apps like clash royale, BTD...
  4. Linux Support
    The Firewall on Ubuntu is disabled by default. Should I turn it on? Will anything will be changed once I turn it on? It says it blocks incoming connections - does that mean it will block things like incoming skype calls and etc?
  5. Networking Support
    This tutorial can be utilized in a business network environment. This is based on my knowledge of how to configure a Buffalo AP (Access Points)/Bridge Router (other Brands and Models of AP/Bridge Routers may have some similar features) that’s connected behind a Sonicwall TZ 210 or any...
1-5 of 5 Results