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  1. Linux Support
    Hi everyone I need a command to select all files inside folder and subfolders created since the creation of a certain file xyz.txt . Probably using the timestamp or something . Can someone point me in the right direction ? Best regards I have tryed this: OK - find -newermt "$(date -r...
  2. Hard Drive Support
    Hello forums. I am new here and I have a quick question: I am using a small TOSHIBA 1TB internal HDD with a good quality SATA to USB converter. It works fine, but today it made for 1 second like an electronic "beep" sound, it sounded even a bit like a fine scratching sound. This happened while...
  3. Networking Support
    Before computing was mainstream, sharing a personal memory was only accomplishable through printed pictures. People kept photo albums that held, literally, thousands of pictures. A newborn's picture, their first day of school, camping, or just a funny moment were all captured on physical paper...
1-3 of 3 Results