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  1. Windows 7 , Windows Vista Support
    I have an old HP laptop which's internet functionality suddenly ceased. Factory resetting it fixed the issue initially, however it stopped working again after a few hours. A second factory reset worked, but it stopped again after a few hours. After trying another factory reset, the "Connect to...
  2. Mac Support
    Hi All, How can I reset a mac to factory settings when screen doesn't work ? I tried connecting to external screen and used cmd+R, however the external screen never shows the disk utility options Also I dont have the admin lock password, trying to set this up through my existing user account.
  3. Articles, Tutorials & Reviews
    This tutorial will guide you on how to do a system restore on your Windows computer. Below make sure you read and follow only the tutorial that matches your computer. If an error occurs during the restore process, stop the process and post in the appropriate TSF forum for guidance.   ** Read...
1-3 of 3 Results