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  1. Linux Support
    In both Chrome and Firefox, facebook is loading text only. Tried clearing cookies and cache, changing dns, updating browsers, but nothing worked. I use the same internet by wifi on my android and it's loading there without any problem. What to do?
  2. Articles, Tutorials & Reviews
    Since 2012 avid tecno-geeks have been patiently waiting for the release of the Oculus Rift, the Virtual Reality head mounted display for use in video games, and the wait is almost over. The device is rumored to be released late this year, and has sparked many conversations about its uses and...
  3. Articles, Tutorials & Reviews
    There comes a point in time where our old computer provides no further use to us; becomes outdated for our needs; so, we decide to sell it. Many reasons for selling include, they’ve slowed down for what we need; we have purchased a new one; or, it simply doesn’t work for you as the manufacturer...
  4. Articles, Tutorials & Reviews
    Microsoft held the attention of the net the past few days with the announcements of the Surface, and their newest Windows Phone 8. But other noteworthy events occurred, such as the roll-out and consequent reiteration and removal of Facebook's new "Find Friends Nearby" Android and iPhone app...
1-4 of 4 Results