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    One reason I am a huge fan of rock and roll music is because what you see is what you get. There are no autotuned effects, no lip syncing, no special effects, just glorious live content that is real. Some of the most iconic people in music are still known today because of their real and true...
  2. Articles, Tutorials & Reviews
    Five years ago, Microsoft released a brand new and revolutionary operating system that sought to end the days of Windows XP. With nearly half of the computers in the world running Windows 7, it’s pretty obvious that Microsoft fulfilled that plan. If you are running on a Windows 7 machine...
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    History is made every day, and today is no exception. Today marks the end of support by Microsoft for the popular 2001 operating system, Windows XP. For years, this OS ran our everyday lives as we used it on our personal machines and our work machines. Windows 1.0 was the beginning for the tech...
1-3 of 3 Results