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  1. General Computer Security
    So yea. You know how it is when family don't take the time to learn their fair share of network security practices. I know our network is compromised... My dad 100% has a rootkit installed on his device. He doesnt care... wont let me fix it because it involves reinstalling windows on his device...
  2. Hard Drive Support
    Hello, I received back my recovered data from SeaGate recovery services. My original brand new 10TB external drive was bad so they replaced the drive under warranty and performed the data recovery successfully. The unit they sent my data back on is an 8TB (yes in addition to the replaced...
  3. Linux Support
    I want to encrypt ~/Documents only. I have no problem using the terminal while setting it up. But most of the resources on internet only shows how to access the encrypted directories via terminal only. Is there a graphical way too? Please walk me through the whole process. Setting up...
1-3 of 3 Results