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  1. Lost google account please read what I have wrote

    General Computer Security
    Last night I got an email from google asking for account recovery and I said no and the next day I was signed out on all my devices and I don’t have access to the recovery phone number because I don’t have service anymore and I don’t have access to my email because Microsoft deleted it due to...
  2. How to get two in-boxes to work separately in Outlook 2007

    Microsoft Office support
    What Outlook 2007 does with your E-mails: It turns out that Outlook 2007 and earlier versions of Outlook (2003, 2000, etc.) take all E-mail from multiple E-mail accounts and dump them into your default Mail account's inbox! That's just dandy for individuals, but not for businesses or businesses...
  3. Manually set-up email on Blackberry Mail

    Smart Devices | General Topics
    Setting up an email address for web based email services such as Gmail or Hotmail on a Blackberry is pretty simple, as most of the information for your outgoing and incoming mail server is already predefined for you. However, what if you have a business or personal email address that is served...
  4. How to Configure Additional Email Domain(s) in Exchange Server 2010

    Networking Support
    What's the purpose of configuring additional email domain(s) in Exchange Server? You may provide email hosting if your company has several business entities with different Domain Names such, .net, .edu, etc.... You also don't have to subscribe to an email provider to host these...