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  1. Programming
    I got an output file from a testing machine that I need to clean up a bit before importing into some spreadsheet.. "VarName" "TimeString" "VarValue" "Validity" "Time_ms" "VALUES_A" "2021-10-25 09:57:32" 10500 1 44494414962.465279 "VALUES_B" "2021-10-25 09:57:32"...
  2. Photographer's Corner
    Fig. 1 - The original photograph that I want to use as a demonstration of adding a RED text thereon.The following image shows samples of the same text & text colour with variations to the decorating. Text font in this mini tutorial is 'Lucinda Calligraphy' In Photoshop, 'decorating' is known as...
1-2 of 2 Results