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  1. Windows 11 Support
    I download Windows 11 from a trusted source the Microsoft 11 website and as such I verify my download with the get get file hash PowerShell command and it never matches the Microsoft Sha 256 on their website. I don't know what to do. It's been like this for the past 2 to 3 years. Something or...
  2. Networking Support
    Hi, I'm a radiologist from Argentina and I do remote work on sundays. Basically, I download images from CT scans and MRIs at home, write the reports and send them back to the hospital. These images are hosted on a certain server, and come compressed in large files (up to 5 GB), so I need a...
  3. Networking Support
    Hello! I'm here to ask you for help. As the title says, my internet download speed falls to zero many times in a minute, and I don't know why. It falls suddenly, and after 5-15 seconds it comes back up. I've noticed that only the download speed does it, upload doesn't. It doesn't happen all day...
  4. Hard Drive Support
    Hello, i could not find the answer for this on internet so i decided to ask here. Because of my bussiness I have to download multiple invoices to my pc every day and delete them the next day (around 20-30 invoices a day, 1 is around 220kb-230kb). I was just wondering if these frequent downloads...
  5. Graphic Design, Digital Imaging, and Multimedia
    I want to try the sketchup pro trial version. But on the download page it is asking me to put company name or university name etc. But I don't have those - I want to use it for personal use. If I chose personal from the purpose dropdown list, it sends me to sketchup free version. What to do?
1-5 of 5 Results