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  1. Windows 10 Support
    Hi. I come in hope that someone might be able to help me with my current issue. I somehow managed to download a Malware from god know where (considering I always have my antivirus running and try my best not to go on dodgy websites) that messed around with my computer and more precisely some...
  2. Networking Support
    Hey, I have a minecraft server, which is hosted from my pc, 1 day ago everything works fine, everyone can connect easily... I set it up in the following way: first I went in the Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > "connections: Ethernet" then clicked on the...
  3. Windows 10 Support
    Good morning and Happy Holidays to all, I'm running Windows 10 Home Build: 19041 My DNS setting aren't the problem since I've check that and Flushed DNS and restarted. There is no rhyme or reason I can see but with Ethernet, occasionally some sites will load, some will not. Wifi does not...
1-3 of 3 Results