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  1. Other Hardware Support
    i bought a new monitor yesterday but when i tried to get 165 hz on a dp cable the screen of the monitor began to flash and flicker.
  2. Removable Media Drives
    Hi All! I’ve searched high and low for help with my issue but can’t find a solution (if there is one). I’m setting up my home office for being able to wfh in my new job (no requirements for cutting edge gaming picture and quality etc). I have bought a ZMUIPNG USB-C docking station, as well as...
  3. PC Gaming Support
    I have an Asus pg279q and have owned it for 3 years without issue, and now all of a sudden I now have this dark spot at the top of my display. its not anything on the screen is this from a leaking pixel or a cluster of dead ones, and is there anything I can try to do that could fix it...
  4. Motherboards, Bios|UEFI & CPU
    My Hpprodesk sff motherboard died. It was very expensive in my city so I think to buy another standard motherboard and SMPS and install all the components to another motherboard. I bought Galax H81 motherboard and a SMPS and installed into my old case. It boots up but it shows statistic...
  5. Laptop Support
    Hello everyone. I'm brand new here and would like to first say hi and thanks for any help you can give me in advance. I bought this laptop and its worked amazing, sometimes the screen would be perfectly fine other times it would be a bit blurry kinda. I was using it perfectly fine with no...
1-5 of 6 Results