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  1. Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help
    So, around early yesterday I noticed that my Google Chrome has been infected with one of those scumbag browser hijackers, one by the innocent name of "YourTV". What the program does is forcibly changes my homepage and default search engine to some broken, ad-spammed version of Google, prevents...
  2. Inactive Malware Help Topics
    My computer was suddenly become very slow and up to 60% of the CPU is being used up even when I'm not running intensive programs, is there any way to resolve this? Backstory: At points over 20% of the CPU was being used by google chrome alone!! It all began when I was browsing the internet and...
  3. Linux Support
    In both Chrome and Firefox, facebook is loading text only. Tried clearing cookies and cache, changing dns, updating browsers, but nothing worked. I use the same internet by wifi on my android and it's loading there without any problem. What to do?
  4. Mac Support
    Since its launch in the mid-1960s, color television has been a staple for American households , and a study from The Nielsen Company showed that in 2011, 96.7% of Americans owned at least one TV. In recent news, you may have heard or seen articles telling consumers how to “cut the cord” to...