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  1. Windows 10 Fails to Boot Every Month or Two

    Windows 10 Support
    I’m posting this on behalf of my father in-law. So I don’t readily have access to this machine. I built him a computer a couple years ago and recently, every month or two, Windows 10 fails to boot. It will basically never make it through the automatic repair and also fails to find restore...
  2. Delay when coming around from sleep

    Windows 10 Support
    Hiya Now, I know the title could apply to most anything... however, it's to do with my PC! As you can see in the video, my PC takes a bit of time to be able to login after waking from sleep mode - it's also like this, sometimes, when turning the system on from shutdown. The OS is on an SSD, OCZ...
  3. Ready your Computers! Beta Software is coming!

    Mac Support
    Recently, I announced that Paragon-Software would be releasing a free preview edition of their newest hard drive software, HDM 15. Following this recent announcement, the software based company is at it again with a new beta testing program to try and report feedback on their new and upcoming...