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  1. Programming
    I got an output file from a testing machine that I need to clean up a bit before importing into some spreadsheet.. "VarName" "TimeString" "VarValue" "Validity" "Time_ms" "VALUES_A" "2021-10-25 09:57:32" 10500 1 44494414962.465279 "VALUES_B" "2021-10-25 09:57:32"...
  2. Windows 10 Support
    Hello. I need to rename a folder full of files, which have 10 letters/symbols that I need to remove. I want to change from: "ABC1234 - My file.rar" to "My file.rar" "ABC1235 - Another File.rar" to "Another File.rar" "ABC1236 - And another File.rar" to "And another File.rar" So it...
  3. Photographer's Corner
    This is a very simple way to resize either a batch of images (JPEG or Bitmap) or just one. The program was written by my old flatmate and good friend Peter Bone. The program was written entirely in Delphi and he also wrote the algorithm for it. I have used this program now for about four...
1-3 of 3 Results