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  1. BSOD, App Crashes And Hangs
    --i originally posted this in the windows 7 section, but i read the how to post bsod thread and i was told to post here so delete the other if necessary please-- so yeah as stated, usually those ones. but more recently internal power error and others i cant remember. I am profecient with...
  2. BSOD, App Crashes And Hangs
    I have P5Q se plus motherboard. Whenever i have two DDR2 2gb ram kingston into the two yellow slot It gives me bluescreen sometimes. The two ram is brand new. But whenever i took the ram from the second yellow slot out. There's no more bluescreen. Why is that? Is there something wrong with...
  3. BSOD, App Crashes And Hangs
    Hello, :smooch: I'm having a weird issue with my cursor. Whenever I mouse over a link, the cursor automatically changes to some kind of hand. When that happens, multiple colours are displayed either around the cursor or around a word. Stays there for less than a second. The faster I move the...
1-3 of 3 Results